Hi Lori,
There are no scoreboards for SOD.
The health is tricky as it only shows you the percentage of your health from
0 dead to 100 perfect health.
If you want to know more,
You have a hit point number that is not shown.
Lets say you have 1000 hit points at the beginning of the game.
And you fire on that bit of equipment that explodes causing you damage of
100 hit points.
Then your health would go from 100 to 90.
So you use a med kit that can increase your health by 500, but it does not
go above your maximum of 1000.
This means you use the 100 and throw away the other 400 that the med kit can
deliver, so it's not a good idea to use a med kit until you really need it.
Now comes the coffee.
Each time you drink it your maximum hit points go up but your actual hit
points do not.
Before the coffee, Your maximum is 1000 but you are at 750 so your health
indicates 75 percent.
You drink coffee that raises your maximum to 1500 but since you didn't use a
med kit your percentage actually goes down to 50 percent.
If you use a med kit before the coffee it would raise your hit points from
750 to 1000 and you would throw away the other 250 health benefit.
But after the coffee the same med kit would raise your hit points from 750
to 1250.
So the best thing to do is drink plenty of coffee then use your med kit.

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