Sure. I could do something like that. Besides gold wouldn't be a very
good weapon anyway since gold is a soft metal. I'm sure I could think
of something like it though.
Anyway, back to your point I'm sure the sounds is one reason far too
many blind gamers ignore games of the NES and Super NES era. I agree
the sounds weren't all that great, but when I could see those games
were darn good. Of course, I didn't have to depend on sounds to get
around and play it either so could enjoy it more.
However, the technology exists to create games like those games only
with better quality sounds, musics, and were I so inclined, better
graphics as well.  Golden Ax is an example of a game that was very
good for the times, and still is good. I believe Sega has recently
released Golden Ax for their mega drive. So somebody out there still
thinks it is worth playing all these years later.

On 5/28/10, clement chou <chou.clem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> I agree, although I have to say I've been spoiled. I am 18 now, but the
> first console I remember is a super nintendo. I had all sorts of games for
> it, Street Fighter 2 being one of my favorites. Reecently I got back into
> arcade emulation and have picked up tons of games from the 80s and 90s.
> Although, I think one reason people don't pay so mch atention to the more
> possible games is because the audio is bad. You'll notice that so many
> people complain about a certain game having crappy sound effects. However,
> it's for that same reason people avoid games like final fight, Castlevania,
> Golden Axe, etc, because of the fact that in those times, of course, sounds
> weren't possible to make too good.
> I would personally approve of any side-scrolling slasher, like Golden axe.
> Just for a start, could you make the weapon a bit exotic... I don't know,
> like a katana, any kind of exotic blade or melee weapon. And to come as
> close to Golden axe as possible you could put a color on it... Silver Sword,
> Crimson Katana.. that sort of thing? I'm not that creative, just throwing
> out thoughts.
> Cheers

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