Glad to here that. As I have said earlier I have been greatly
influenced by games like Nascar Thunder, and what currently passes for
accessible racing games don't satisfy me or measure up to what I've
played in the mainstream market. In fact, when I got my hands on the
Raceway source and read James North's notes on the project my first
reaction was disappointment.
Basicly, the original concept for Raceway was to be something like the
old Poll Position games for Atari. You would have a red, blue, green,
and yellow car with a number of different types of tracks. It came
with a track editor I assume he was going to release to the public so
you could create your own tracks which was nice, but the over all game
play was pretty dull and boring in my opinion. You played one race
against three other cars on the track without any money, points,
season mode, etc. It was just a plane vinila racing game, and to be
honest Topspeed 2 was better than the original Raceway design. I
decided to go back and rewrite the entire game from scratch the way I
invisioned a racing game should be using Nascar Thunder as a template.
As a result not surprisingly my new version is more like a mainstream
title rather than something like Mach 1, Topspeed, Mega Racer,
whatever. It has the influence of professional games in mind here.
In fact, Raceway is so much like Nascar Thunder I lifted the exact
keyboard commands from the game since I am use to them. You You use
the control key for the gas, spacebar for the breaks, up/down arrow to
shift gears, and left and right stear the car. The h key blows your
horn, and I've added several additional commands for output such as s
for speed, r for rpms, f for fuel status, g for current flag
condition, d for damage, etc. So hopefully I'll deliver something
slightly a cut above the rest.

On 5/29/10, Jorge Gonçalves <jopo...@hotmail.com> wrote:
>   Wow Thomas. What you just explained in this message just makes me
> dream! This is "THE GAME" that I'm waiting for, since I started to play
> audiogames back in 2003.
> For me, in the version 1.0, the real race against 39 cars, the season
> mode with the nashcar's points system and maybe difrent weather
> conditions would make allready a brilliant game!
> The rest could come later.
> I will be one of the first customers paying for this game!
> I sincerly think that this game can make a real revolution in our market.
> Cheers,
> Jorge Gonçalves
> jopo...@hotmail.com
> Skype: joport3
> Twitter: www.twitter.com/goncalvesjorge
> Webpage: www.jorgegoncalves.com

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