Hi Dark,
Correction. In Asteroids your ship is not stationary.  You have
thrusters to move your ship forward, left, and right through the
asteroid field. You shoot the asteroids to break them apart and then
shoot the smaller asteroids etc until they are completely destroyed.
On the higher difficulty levels a little green UFO shows up to give
you something else to think about besides clearing asteroid fields.
That's the original Asteroids anyway.
Some years later in the mid to late 1990's Activision released an all
new Asteroids game for the PC which was far more interesting than the
Atari classic. There were cut-scenes and special missions to embark
on.  the over all story was changed in that there was this alien race
that wanted to destroy planet Earth by sending an astroid field in the
path of Earth which would have whiped out the human race. It was your
job to intercept those asteroids and destroy them before they reached
Earth.  You were equipped with a ship with lasers, a battering ram,
deflector shields, etc. After a couple of levels the aliens themselves
showed up to see what you were doing and you not only had to take out
the asteroids but whipe out the alien invasion fleet too. Pretty darn
cool game.

On 5/31/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> A space in vaders clone officially, is any game involving the sterrio
> targiting of enemies who's position appears in sterrio pan, and who get
> gradualy closer to the player.
> As to how to make a game more interesting, ---- well I'm afraid unless your
> going to do what Liam did with judgement day and have lots of extras,
> there's really not much I can think of.
> perhaps, a shooting game based on a different concept. For instance,
> asteroids, where your ship is stationary but you spin arround to shoot
> thingscoming at you from all 360 degrees in a circle around you.
> Generally anything that avoids the basic left/right fire model would be
> good.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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