Hi tom.

that is right, as in fact an author I was reading for my phd research said "Disability is a catagory which is always open"

However, the more I look into the motiviations and discussions of the indi games movement and the people who write games for it, the more I'm rather uncertain as to whether even in 10-15 years time when gamers who grew up in the 1970's and 80's begin losing their vision or motor control, whether the likes of sony will take notice. Even back in the 1990's, gaming was at most a special interest, and thus the player base was everyone who had that interest.

now however, games are far more mainstream. Everyone, male, female under 30 or so is expected to know what grand theft auto, halo, wii sports etc are and own a console of some sort, ---- indeed this is a ajor reason for why the various companies now have weather chanels, news and even limited net brousing from a console.

Visual appeal, quirks of gameplay rather than design, high budgit special effects and generally all the commercialism that affect the cinema industry are rampent in gaming. Indeed, on the various mega man boards, there is a huge amount of hatred towards the battle network series, ---- which essentially boils down to pokemon with Mega man characters because it doesn't feature half of the elements involved with mega man previously (they certainly aren't platform games), and is clearly branded and created to appeal to teenagers and kids, rather than the old school crowd.

More and more developement time is going into network, and it's sequal series, and indeed a much smaller share into the continuing platform games in the original mega man style and universe.

I thus wouldn't be surprised if eventually the companies simply say "well, we'[re writing games for the ounger generation" and leave it at that.

On the other hand though, developement tools for the indi crowd are getting better and better. Everything from game engines with level editers so complex you can virtually write your own games (rocks n diamonds, T2002, hurrican , Angband etc), to game creation software and libraries which range from the appaulingly bad to the incredibly fantastic, ---- such as the dark basic language especially made for graphical game creation.

This is why I find bgt so profoundly interesting, sinse it seems to take accessible games very much in the same direction as the rest of the independent sector is going.

Beware the grue!


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