Let's all try to be in the Out of Sight games about 10 to 15 minutes prior to 
the start, so that we may pick captains and get the games started on time.  
This is especially helpful tonight as we only have one hour to play.  Thanks 
for your cooperation in this area!

Room Changes:
For the next few days or so, you will notice that the rooms look a little 
different.  Please be patient with us as we make these changes.  You will 
notice that the "Games Anyone" room, is now "Game Zone", and "Wonder Twins", is 
now "Tarzan and Jane". Our list of rooms used to total 62, and is now down to 
44.  The list of rooms located in the unoccupied rooms, is also now 
alphabetized for more ease in finding the room that you wish.  For a few more 
days, the F6 feature will not work.  Also, due to all of the work deleting the 
rooms, the online schedule has totally disappeared.  That will take a little 
bit of time to get back.  So, again, please be patient as we make these long 
overdue changes.  

God's Praise and Worship Hour is cancelled on Mondays and Fridays beginning 
immediately.  Diane will still continue to do her Bible reading on Wednesdays 
from 5:00 to 7:00 PM eastern, in the "How Great Thou Art" room.

Here are the events scheduled for Saturday June 26th:

Trivial Pursuit

7:00 PM eastern

Hosted by Brenda

Location:  Games Anyone

Trivial Pursuit is back! Are you ready to earn your piece of the pie?  This is 
a brain power only game so be prepared to work those brains!

On Stage

8:00 PM eastern

Hosted by Lisa filroy

Location:  On Stage

Join us this evening and showcase your talent by either playing an instrument, 
singing, reciting poetry, etc. If you would just like to be a member of the 
audience and listen to these talented performers, that is fine, too!  You won't 
want to miss your fellow friends as they showcase their talent!

Have a wonderful day!

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