Hi Dark,
Honestly I really wouldn't want to change the duck command at this point. I'
I've got a couple of reasons.
First, as I am about to release a 3d fps version as well I want all of
the game commands to be more or less the same between the different
versions except where a change is necessary like run left/right, run
forward, walk left/right, walk forward/backward, etc. Asigning duck to
something like d is a universally acceptable command and wouldn't
conflict with something like alt+down arrow which is used for jump
backward in the fps version of the game.
Second, there is an advantage to using d in a game like MOTA. You can
press d and use the left/right arrow keys to run in that direction in
a ducked position making it harder for enemies to hit you as you run.
Personally, I find this a very useful combo. A lot more useful than
say alt+down arrow.
I could asign it to c, but then again where would I put the
coordinates command. There we go with part of the problem I am having
with keyboard commands. After a while logical keyboard asignments
break down as I have more commands than logical places to put them.


On 7/6/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm liking the new beta very much, particularly the revamped view menue.
> Only one thing is mildly irritating, and that is the duck command.
> Previously, ctrl down arrow was used to duck. i can completely understand
> that you wanted to make a single duck key to allow Angela the chance to
> shimmy along the ground, however I'm finding the D key a trifle inconvenient
> to reach in a hurry when I've got my hands on the arrow keys and spacebar
> during combat.
> I was therefore wondering if either, ctrl down arrow could be added back in
> as a duck feature in addition to D to make it easier to duck in coming
> attacks, or whenter another key could be used closer to the spacebar such as
> ctrl on it's own, z, \ or right shift.
> many appologies for the complaint, I'm just finding myself getting hit by
> oncoming attacks far more than in previous versions of mota because of the
> key change, ---- and I completely understand if you want to keep things as
> they are Tom.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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