Hi Charles,
Yes, Microsoft certainly could have kept the Windows 98 look and feel
in XP, Vista, and Windows 7, but it all comes back to what I said
earlier about perceived obsolescence. Part of what a software
developer does to make money, I should know since I am one, is update
the user interface to look new, modern, more visually appealing,
whatever to get people to look at the new version and go "wow!" Even
if the actual technical changes of the new product isn't really that
much the new user interface will convince sighted customers to buy it
simply because it looks new, modern, and is more eye catching. We are
thinking practically  from a blind man's point of view where the new
flashy graphics, menu ribbons, etc don't mean much. that's the
difference here as we can't take advantage of the new user interfaces
and so that part of the upgrade seams completely meaningless and
As for why Microsoft did away with Outlook Express I've heard it is
because most e-mail service providers now offer web mail and the
number of users that use an actual e-mail client like Outlook Express
have been declining over the past few years. However, Outlook Express
technically isn't gone just changed names. In Windows 7 there is
Microsoft Windows Live Mail which is basicly an updated version of
Outlook Express with calendar and other features.


On 7/7/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I'm using Microsoft Word 7, unfortunately.  They switched from classic
> pulldown menus to a stupid ribbon system.  It might look?? better, but I!
> don't! care!  It's not as user friendly if you cannot see it, and, to me,
> that's what matters.  Microsoft Word 2003 was much more intuitive and easily
> used.  If it ain't broke, quit fixing it!  Same for the OS.  Couldn't they
> have made Windows 7 just as secure as it currently is, and left the OS set
> up as it was in Windows 98?  I have no problems with Outlook Express.  It is
> a good and reliable Email client that is easy to use and straightforward.
> So, why did they do away with it?  And why did they come out with Vista in
> the first place if it was so crappy and buggy?  I'm sure that at least a
> majority of the problems cropped up during nationwide beta testing, but they
> released it anyway.  To me, they should have cared more about quality rather
> than a time deadline.  I would not think nearly as much of Thomas Ward as I
> di if he decided to put MOTA out no later than April of 2010 because
> customers were after him to get it out.  Instead, he goes through testing,
> reworking what is needed, then testing, then reworking what is needed, until
> the game is ready, and then it will be released.  A quality product that he
> is taking the time to make reliable.  Put out a good reliable product of
> quality, and you'll be known for it.  Put out garbage and you'll be known
> for it.
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