Hi Dark,
Oh, I know. It is a serious pain when older games won't run on newer
Windows releases. I know Windows 7 professional has an XP
compatibility mode, but I really don't know how well that works with
any of the games you mentioned below. However, compatibility modes
only go so far. That's why I still have an XP machine around for
things like MS Flight Simulator as I know FS 2002 and 2004 will not
run on Windows 7 at all. You need FS X to run it on Windows 7 which
seriously does suck raw eggs in my opinion.
However, as someone who does try to stay up to date for development
reasons I really don't know what the alternative here is. Microsoft
has decided to break compatibility with XP over the last couple of
years and have began introducing a load of new technologies to Windows
Vista and Windows 7 that might technically be better in the long run,
but are causing a lot of compatibility issues and problems for those
not yet ready to adopt the latest and greatest technologies offered by
Microsoft. Games are unfortunately one of the first things that get
left behind as DirectX is undergoing a massive change in core
development libraries, Visual Basic 6 is now considered ancient
history, and we have newer things like .Net and XNA to replace them.
Large corperations and even individual game developers like Jim
Kitchen get left in the dust with those kind of changes, because it is
simply impractical to tell developer x he/she needs to rewrite or
update a huge portion of their software to now be compatible with the
latest Windows release. It is not a very nice situation that's for
sure, and one reason I begin developing for the new os when it comes
out so I can be more or less compatible with the current software
version and hope to make it possible to play on older systems too.


On 7/7/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I personally don't have anything against upgrading accept that various
> things I currently have, such as older games will no longer be supported,
> which will be a pain.
> Look at all the topics about how to play cpmsp;e stu;e games like fallthru,
> eamon delux, world of legends or drone, and when everyone has upgraded to
> windows 7 these games will be unpleayable which will be extremely sad,
> unless someone brings out some sort of compatibility fix.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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