Yeah, my decision to run Windows 7 is certainly a personal one, but
the decision to build my games using the latest Visual C++ compiler
and libraries is a technical one.  A decision based on maintaining the
greatest amount of stability and compatibility across various Windows
versions from XP, Vista, and Windows 7. I can't help it if a user
chooses not to install the Windows updates or is running Service Pack
2 when they need Service Pack 3 etc. That is their decision to
continue running an out of date version of XP when what I'm trying to
do offers them a greater amount of stability and compatibility if the
ever should buy a new computer and end up having Windows 7 anyway. I
simply don't believe in using the lowest common denominator to pander
to a few users that don't believe they need to keep there XP, Vista,
or Windos 7 installation up to date for one reason or another.
Personally I find that both senseless and needless from a technical
point of view.
As far as running my games on 98 you really can't as the design is far
newer than the Windows 98 era stuff, but I certainly could, if I
wanted to, modify the source and recompile it with Visual C++ 6.0 and
create a 98 version. However, as Windows 98 is practically upgraded
out  of existance it makes little sense to create a version to support
an os that old. I doubt there are many VI gamers still running 98 now

On 7/8/10, Willem <dwill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim.
> While I am not Thomas, I think I understand what he is doing. His decision
> to run the latest and greatest is a personal one.
> You could run his games on windows 98 if you wanted, all you need to install
> is at least directX 8 and the visual c++ runtimes. Visual basic also has
> similar runtimes and they are less than 5 mb in size, as aposed to the
> dotNet framework.
> I also recommend you use firefox, because internet explorer is a pot of
> nonsense, though you'll need at least jaws 8 or equivalent screen reader to
> use it. Nvda is free (
> http://nvda-project.org
> and works great with firefox.

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