Hi Willem,

Umm, I stated that every single time that I have tried to up grade my computer 
it has gone to heck!  You suggested that I do several up grades.  Thank you, 
but no! thank! you!

I do understand a person's personal choice to run the latest greatest hugest 
new software, but in Thomas's case he is also forcing his prospective customers 
to do the same.

You know when my computer is running fine and doing what I want it to, I leave 
it alone.  And just use it.

Inter net Explorer works great for me. Well it did until the up grade.  
Internet Explorer still works great until I close it, then as I said it blows 
up my desk top, but that was not Internet Explorer, but the up grade I did to 

Oh yeah and I am still running and very happy with JFW version 4.02.  But like 
I said if I had the money I would maybe buy a new computer and JFW 11.  But for 
now for the most part I am very very happy with Windows XP, VB6, JFW 4.02 and 
the rest of what I am running on my computers.


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Hi Jim.

While I am not Thomas, I think I understand what he is doing. His decision to run the latest and greatest is a personal one.

You could run his games on windows 98 if you wanted, all you need to install is at least directX 8 and the visual c++ runtimes. Visual basic also has similar runtimes and they are less than 5 mb in size, as aposed to the dotNet framework.

I also recommend you use firefox, because internet explorer is a pot of nonsense, though you'll need at least jaws 8 or equivalent screen reader to use it. Nvda is free (
and works great with firefox.
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Hi Thomas,

Just wondering. I thought that you had decided to program in straight C++ so that people did not need to down load 300 meg of up grades to be able to run your game like they did when it was in C net. But now you have changed your mind and again people need to be running the latest greatest software from Microsoft right?

Maybe if I could afford a new computer and a screen reader that would run on it I might check out your game. But as it is now, every time that I try to up grade my computer it runs much worse. The last time I did this was so that I could listen to a radio stream from WMMS Rover's Morning Glory, now every time that I close Internet Explorer it blows up my desk top etc. So I need to reboot. Even a sighted person with a mouse can not use my computer without a reboot.


But I guess my point is, are you not going backwards to forcing people to up grade like when the game was in a net language?

Just asking.



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