To everyone who wrote back to my letter with advice about a up dated USB 
gamepad, I thank you.
>From the feedback that I recieved, this letter might even help someone else 
and also might continue the research into something that will work with not 
all of the hand to ear games but the two hand to ear flight simulators as 
At the present time from what I've been told, the ps3 will work with the 
blast chamber game and troopanum games from bsc.
But it will not unfortunately work with the puppy one nor the up coming 
three d velocity hand to ear flight simulators.
So if anyone comes across something that will work with both and has force 
feedback in it?
Please let me know.
I do know that there a yearly high tech show in where? Los Vegas? About new 
high tech toys. Not only for the able but also for the disabled.
This just might be a project for them to design for us.
Would anyone have a contact e-mail to write and ask them about this project?
Many thanks.
Ron and leader dog Boz
Have a good day,
>From the Kolesar brothers and our puppies

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