No. What I am trying to do is ok here's how windows7 is installed first of all. 
I have it installed through bootcamp. Bootcamp is not a virtual machine. 
Bootcamp is a mac utility which allows the installation of multiple operating 
systems. Its like dual booting a pc. First you partition the hard drive using 
bootcamp and then you install the operating system. This way the operating 
system gets the full use of the ram and processors. The disadvantage is you can 
only run one operating system at a time. Right now I'm writing this email in 
mac OS10 snow leopard. If I wanted to do something in windows, I would have to 
shut down and restart. While restarting I would hold down the option or windows 
key for a few seconds. Then I would press right arrow, enter, and windows would 
start up. So what I'm trying to do and failing at is to run the games on the 
windows7 side. I did try installing windows xp mode onto the windows side. It 
works but is very very slow. what windows xp mode is its windows xp running 
inside a virtual machine which is a kind of emulator. A virtual machine such as 
vmware player for windows, vmware fusion for mac, or vmware workstation for 
linux or microsoft virtual pc: not recommended... it lets you run one operating 
system inside another. The disadvantage of this is that the virtualized OS 
cannot utilize all of the system resources. You hve to at least give half your 
resources to the host and the other half to the guest. When you run one OS 
inside another using virtualization that virtualized OS is called the guest, 
and the main OS is called the host. So what I plan to do once I find my xp disk 
or buy one from ebay is first well I already got vmware player installed on the 
windows7 side. keep in mind that windows7 is not virtualized, I am running a 
dual boot system. one half of the hard drive has the mac OS, and the other half 
has windows7 64bit and I have to choose which one I wish to run before the 
computer boots up or at startup time. So anyway I have vmware player installed 
on the windows7 side and once I acquire an xp disk, find mine, buy one, or get 
an iso image. I will virtualize xp. this means I will be able to alt tab 
between windows7 and windows xp. There are commands to tell the computer to 
direct its input to either the host, windows7 or the guest, xp. So since I'm 
having trouble getting your games to run in windows7 natively, and since I 
tried xp mode with microsoft virtual pc and its very slow sluggish and bad, 
since I hear vmware is better I will try virtualizing another copy of xp inside 
vmware player or maybe vmware fusion for the mac if I decide to buy it and see 
how it goes. While you're running the virtualized OS, its essentially kind of 
running a computer inside of a computer. Like taking a big cup and a small cup. 
you fill the big cup with some water, and put the smaller cup inside it and fil 
the smaller cup with water, xp is the smaller cup, windows7 is the large one 
containing the smaller one. 

Josh Kennedy

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