But audio game maker used flash, was slow, and did not have scripting ability. 
I think its a very good idea to include a way to make games without diving 
headlong into scripting right away. First it'll let people make games with 
little or no scripting. Second after the person makes their game, they can view 
the script and modify parts of it to see what effect things have. 
Here's what I propose. Why not have some templates for games that are 
commented. Just a script with no sounds or anything. Then the user just edits 
the script and adds sounds and stuff. Also what would help with this would be a 
good development environment. Maybe the IDE would have an edit area where you 
can script freely. But for those who don't want to dive headlong into scripting 
they could load one of a few templates. then choose a wizard on the menu bar 
that would help them add sounds and stuff and kind of guide them through the 
template. It could also let them pick commands and put values into edit boxes 
which would be put into the correct places in the script. I don't want a remake 
of audio game maker but a kind of , uh, like a macro system maybe For example 
you load a template, go through the wizard, add your sounds and stuff, add 
music or whatever. Then you look at the parts of the script the wizard filled 
in ad you want it to do something that's not in the wizard. Well you go up and 
maybe pick some functions from a list box and insert those in. Kind of like how 
window-eyes has learning to scripts, scripts which are scripts that teach you 
how to script and other scripts that make scripting really easy if you need 
them or if you're a beginner. 

Josh Kennedy

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