Hi Damien,
Game programming is definitely a lot more than just programming. It is
more than just learning the programming language of your choice. You
have to learn various game programming APIs like DirectX, SDL, FMOD,
or whatever. There are various programming techniques like fuzzy logic
for programming advanced A.I. systems. You may need to learn
multi-threading to learn how to thread multiple loops for asincroness
code execution etc. In other words I don't doubt that game programming
is difficult for a novis, especially someone self-taught,  because it
covers many different specialized fields of programming such as
artificial intelligence which could be a life-long study in itself
alone. I think many non-programmers underestimate how many years of
study are required to really write good games. then, the time involved
of creating that game itself.
As far as the opinion that there are too many side-scrollers knocking
around I don't think that is the case. Games like Q9 and Super Liam
are only barely scratching the surface of what could be done using
that format. Those are very simple examples of that style, and
shouldn't be taken as a good example of that type of game. I know many
side-scrollers such as the Tomb Raider games, Castlevania games,
Megaman series, and so on that are many times more complex and indepth
than Q9 or Super Liam.
As far as what kind of games I enjoy my personal preference is FPS
style games. Jedi Knight, tomb Raider, Doom, Soldier of Fortune, Star
Trek Elite Force, etc are generally the kinds of games I tend to go
for if any.
Before I go, though, I'd like to give you one last piece of advice.
Just because some arcade games like Space Invaders have been
duplicated to death doesn't mean the entire arcade genre has been
fully explored in audio. I know of many simple games like Centipede
that have not been tried in audio and would be fairly easy to create.
For example, here on my laptop I have Stella for Linux installed. That
allows me to play just about every Atari 2600 game ever made. Some of
them I still enjoy like Time Pilot, Atlantis, Montezuma's Revenge,
Pitfall, and so on. Most of them have never been converted to audio
and something you could do if you wished.


On 7/15/10, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> As much as I enjoy general purpose programming I must admit I did struggle
> with game development, since it had so many areas that I had never explored
> before, such as memory management, sorting, position calculating, extremely
> large checks and loops to make levels, etc. The only way I felt I could've
> learned was through examples, which I didn't feel there were a great many,
> hence my so called feeble Acefire.
> While we are on this subject, people didn't like Acefire because of its
> simplicity and, to put it frankly in another man's word, boringness.
> However, there are also people who don't want sidescrollers for the same
> reason they don't want space invader clones - because there are too many
> knocking around. I have seen many people on the BGT forum and on this list
> complaining that games are far too simple compared to the games of the
> sighted world, and that they'd rather wait ten or more years for development
> of a new title.
> I need to know what the whole community feels about this, so that I know
> whether to start writing and selling games that I know I will enjoy writing,
> or spending some ridiculously large amount of money within a fifth of a
> century to try and compete with the complexity of a game such as Entombed,
> knowing that people are trying to compete with me and feeling like I'm an
> outsider and a slave scripter trying to scrape a profit out of the earth?
> I do want to be able to make everybody happy, including myself, at least in
> some small way. If anyone has any ideas of games they wish to see, let me
> know and I will compile a list and see what comes out. I do feel we should
> be working together, not complaining and criticising in such a way as to
> make developers shy away from everyone.
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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