Hello gamers,
There are a few list issues I’d like to bring to your attention and
hope you choose to listen to this friendly moderator message as I only
have the time and energy to say this once. Over the past month or so I
have been busy with moving, attending to some other personal issues,
and haven’t had much time to focus on moderation as I should. As a
result consider this message fair warning for some of you who have
been causing the source of some of these problems and issues.
The first warning regards one-liner messages. As per the list
guidelines and rules you should post constructive messages that add to
a thread or topic being discussed. You should not post simple
unconstructive one-liner messages that say something like, “I agree,”
“that’s cool,” and so on. Such one-line comments don’t add to a
discussion and just increases list traffic. And just for clarification
a one-liner comment can be anything that is a single line in length
and does not add anything constructive to the topic at hand. So please
write more constructive posts than that or send your comment to the
person you intend the comment to go to personally.
The other major issue is multiple subject lines. Earlier last week I
told you guys to change the subject when the actual content or subject
changes. That does not mean you have to change the subject line every
time you write a new message on the same thread or topic.  You should
only change the subject line when the thread or topic has clearly
For example, let’s assume there is a topic going on about Time of
Conflict. Somebody wants to ask a question about Shades of Doom or
Sarah. At that point there is a new thread of discussion so the
subject line should change along with the change in subject matter.
Does that make sense?
What is totally unacceptable is if we are talking about 64bit Windows
and Jim kitchens games to have 15 different threads going at once that
are all on the same basic subject. That’s not only ridiculous, it is
confusing,  and makes it hard for anyone to keep up with the thread or
topic. So please do not do this or the offending party will be
moderated until he or she learns to follow good list etiquette.
Last but not least I have personally noticed several of you have a
tendency not to proofread your messages before posting them to the
list. Yes, I have been guilty of this myself now and then when I am in
a hurry or using Gmail’s web interface without the aid of proofreading
tools to make sure spelling and grammar are more or less alright.
However, from this time forward I would like to see us do our best to
attempt to proofread our posts before posting them. I shouldn’t have
to look at a message and see things like puch up instead of Punch-Up
in a subject line or a message because the author of the post has
chosen not to try and do a little proofreading beforehand.  It doesn’t
hurt any of us to do a little proofreading now and then to make the
posts easier to read as well as makes us, as blind and low vision
individuals, appear a little more educated and intelligent. To our
sighted peers out there.
I shouldn’t have to remind you all that every time you send a post to
a forum, mailing list, etc your message is visible to the rest of the
world through search engines not to say the least the members of that
forum or list. When you write a post that is very sloppy, has several
grammatical errors, and has extremely poor spelling in it the message
not only reflects negatively on you, but helps reinforce sighted
opinions that blind people are uneducated, not very intelligent, and
are one step above retarded. I’m not saying this to hurt feelings,
make fun of anyone, but to illustrate a fact that we are individual
representatives of the blind community as a whole. We need not
reinforce sighted stereotypes about blindness by proving them right
simply through an indifference to our own sloppy writing and poor
proofreading habits. You know and I know that we are not all
illiterate, uneducated, people barely above retarded so let’s act like
the intelligent and educated men and women I know we are. Let’s write
more intelligent and constructive posts, and do more proofreading to
actually make the posts we write easier to read as well as not
reinforce negative stereotypes about us as a whole. If some of you
can’t do this then we are going to have to begin moderating those of
you who clearly do not proofread your messages, and make a habit out
of writing sloppy posts as a rule.


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