Sent this to another list but figured some people might be interested. Sorry 
for those who are getting it twice.
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From: clement chou 
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 11:26 PM
Subject: competetive street fighter

I'm wondering, would anyone be interested in learning the more competetive 
aspects of street fighter, and how to improve your game? I don't claim to be a 
master player, but Yohandy and myself are both quite proficient. At least 
yohandy is. Don't know about me. But such stuff would include stuff like how to 
use your focuss attacks, the different combo types in SF, and character tips. 
Would anyone be interested? Because such a conference, over something like team 
talk or skype could work, if enough people are interested. What do you guys 
think? I'd be more than happy to teach what little I know, and I'm sure Yohandy 
would be too.
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