Interesting point you raise there. I believe part of the solution would be allowing Vipmud to use regular expressions for matching. This might be straying slightly off topic, but I believe it's important to get the idea out there anyway. With the right kind of regular expression support you can ignore those line breaks and match those particular kinds of combat messages fairly easily. Just a thought, in case anybody with more programming knowhow than I is reading this or is interested. Beyond that, lots of text is right. I'm already getting used to it and don't have a custom forged weapon yet.
Thanks for your insight,

On Mon, 2 Aug 2010, Ryan Strunk wrote:

Here's the major problem with that: you really can't have many.

The drawback about running simu games with vipmud is that simu games--at
least in vipmud--break every 80 characters or so. Since they put in that
hard line break, it means your triggers--which themselves depend on line
breaks--won't fire properly.

Your broadsword lands a devastating hit to the goblin's left leg.

This trigger will work perfectly. No problems, no troubles. You could set up
a trigger based on *devastating hit*, and all would be well. Why
"devastating hit?" Because hits range in scope from grazing to apocalyptic,
and you'll definitely want to know which you're hitting with and which are
hitting you.

However, as you straddle that line between newbie gear and custom-forged
swords, you'll see something like this.

Your gleaming steel broadsword with cross-shaped guard and upswept hilt
lands a devastating
hit to the goblin's left leg.

Big problem there, and there isn't a thing you can do about it. Because the
line break happens right between devastating and hit, your "devastating hit"
trigger won't fire off. You could always trigger just the word
"devastating," but then what happens if that word shows up in some random
description somewhere? It is possible for your character to land a "hard
hit," but if you trigger off "* hard *" then you'll get the trigger sound
every time the pants have been worn by hard use or the road has been packed
hard by centuries of travel.

The other drawback, aside from playing sounds, is that you also won't be
able to properly gag combat text off of anything reliable. When you're
fighting five grass eels, and they're attacking every round alongside you,
and you're trying to keep an eye on your health, something will fall apart.

There is no way, unfortunately, to solve this problem with the mechanics of
vipmud or from within the game. I have read through the documentation more
times than I care to count, I have bugged the hosts in game, and I have
written to David Greenwood about it. If you're set on playing with vipmud,
you will definitely want to get used to lots of text or partial gags.

When I used to play simu games, back before finances dictated otherwise, I
used a plug-in for Zmud that someone had cobbled together. I don't believe I
have a copy lying around anymore, however, and I would rather not name the
developer who designed it lest he get bombarded with emails. If he is
reading this, though, and is interested in picking up the development again,
I'm sure he would find a larger market than he did previously.

I don't mean to rain on your parade with all of this, and I sincerely hope
you can prove me wrong. Simutronics games are some of the deepest and most
advanced muds I have ever played, and I would love nothing more than to see
them made playable with vipmud. However you go, though, good luck.


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