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BG Crossword Puzzle allows vision impaired and blind players to solve Crossword 
puzzles downloaded from the Internet. As with all Spoonbill Software's Blind 
Gamers games, it is self-voicing, no need to use your screen reader. For the 
benefit of vision-impaired players, the crossword is presented in the normal 
crossword grid format. In addition, the answer words and the clues are 
displayed in two lists which can be navigated using the arrow keys on your 
keyboard. This pair of lists can be maximized to fit your screen allowing the 
words to be more easily read.

Blind players also use the arrow keys to move up and down the list of words and 
clues and can use the W key to speak the current word, or the C key to speak 
the current clue. By default the across words and clues are presented first. 
You can switch to a display of the down clues by hitting the D key on your 
keyboard, and back to the across clues by hitting the A key.

There are many helpful features to make solving crosswords a pleasant 

May we suggest that you follow the Tutorial when first starting up the program?

Send your request for BG Crossword Puzzle to Ian Humphreys, together with your 
full name and country of residence to:


For example: My name is Karen Black from Florida, USA, please send BG Crossword 

Please allow up to four days for delivery.

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If you have any questions about the tips posted in Dan's Tech tips, please 
contact Dan at the following email address:


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