Hi Folks, We thought it was important enough to notify all our members that we 
now have yahoo group mailing lists available so you can select which email list 
you may wish to belong to. Below is a description of each mailing list and 
you'll find join links to each list at the end of this email. We hope you'll 
join up to as many lists as you feel the need to The Management Team. ITBS Team 
News: This mailing list is for you to receive announcements from the management 
Team of In The Blind Spot. We'll keep you informed of special events, notices, 
policy changes, and meeting results. Anything that affects your site or its 
members will be showing up on this list. ITBS Chit Chat: This is a general use 
mailing list where you can interact with other members of the site. Feel free 
to use this mailing list for issues related to In The Blind Spot, technology, 
blind issues, etc. Please try to keep to topics relative to those issues and we 
cannot allow any list to be used for flaming or bashing of other sites and our 
own members. ITBS Game Chat: This is also a list to which all members are 
permitted to post messages. This list should be used to communicate with other 
members for game related issues. You might want to get a group together for a 
game of zilch, jotto, golf, or other game. You might have questions about game 
rules or have an idea for a new game. Post it here so all can see it. ITBS Fun 
Stuff: This is our event announcement list. Only management and event 
coordinators are allowed to post an announcement of their particular event, 
game, or other relative material. This list will be your link to the day to day 
goings on of In The Blind Spot. All games going each day, eventually radio and 
theater programming, and events of an entertainment nature will be posted here. 
ITBS Craft Chat: This list was created for all you crafty folks out there. Here 
you can get an idea from other members involved in the multitude of crafts and 
hobbies we all love. Have a question about knitting, have an idea on how to 
accomplish a certain task, got a list of those hints and tips, post it here. 
Anything crafts can be discussed on this list and also craft event 
announcements will be found here as well as the schedule page. There will be 
more mailing lists created as the need arises. We hope you will join the lists. 
the links below will get you started. you only need to submit an empty email by 
clicking on the desired link below. Yahoo will return a confirmation email to 
you. Just reply to that email and you need only send an empty email back. You 
will then be approved and you'll be ready to communicate with us. The 
management team. Here are the links 






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