the other day, I phoned my phone company, o 2 to talk about my mobile phone, 
and discovered that with my contract I actually get a free hand set, and! that 
they do specifically accessible ones. 

so, if they will pay for an accessible phone for mewhy not have one? 

At the moment I'm using a rather ancient nockier, which has no speech software 
at all, but does have useable buttons, thus making it possible for me to phone 
people, ----- but not much else. 

However, I'm now wondering how the accessible phone thing works and which model 
to ask for. O2 suggest the I4 I phone, which apparently comes with speech, or 
the I phone 3gs which allows you to download speech software from I tunes onto 
it. Are these workable phones for a visually impared person? do they have 
decent keys, and is the software actually good enough to do anything decent 
with such as play games? 

Any advice would be much appreciated, especially in view of the various I phone 
games and applications that seem to be popping up these days.
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