Hi Brandon,
The reason is because the RS Games client was written in Python.
Python is a runtime language, that is it requires a third-party
runtime environment, and a Python program in theory will run on any
computer where there is a compatible Python runtime environment and
modules. So, for example, if I write and compile a Python 2.6 program
on Linux I can redistribute the compiled pyc files to any Mac or
Windows users and have them run the program provided they have Python
2.6 installed on their Windows or Mac machine. That is why Python is a
build once run anywhere type language.
Now, if the game were written in C or C++ then you would have to have
a Linux, Mac, and Windows machine to compile it on each platform. The
reason is because C/C++ is a native language and is compiled directly
to a native executable that doesn't require some third party runtime
environment. If you cut out that middle man, the runtime environment,
that means you have to take some extra steps in order to produce a
true Mac, Linux, or Windows program using C or C++.
The Up side to using a native language like C/C++ is you have more
direct access to the operating system, it performs better, but you
loose cross-platform portability in a lot of cases. The upside to
using Python is that you have that cross-platform design from the
start, but lose some performance on account of using a runtime
environment. Plus if there isn't a package that gives you access to
some specific native API for Python you end up having to write your
own wrappers to support that native API. So as you can see there are
pros and cons to each type of programming approach.


On 9/16/10, Brandon Misch <bmisch2...@gmail.com> wrote:
> if you guys didn't have a mac, then how did you make the mac version of the
> client?

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