Hi to all.
Just was wondering if anyone is playing the following games with a gamepad 
joystick instead of constantly being tied to the keyboard and what they are 
The games are
Hunter, Troopanun one and two, and especially pipe one classic and 
especially pipe two blast chamber.
I have the Philips Retractable Game Controller model 2909 and it works great 
for Jim Kitchen's Puppy One WW 2 Dog Fighting flight simulator and the up 
coming Three D Velocity hand to ear flight simulators.
But I can't get it to work with the hand to ear games. Especially my 
favorite Blast Chamber.
Its pretty bad when a beta tester can't even complete the first pipe in the 
training mode.
So I was looking for something that I could enjoy the hand to ear games and 
hand to ear flight simulators without being tied to the keyboard.
I'm especially looking for something with Force feedback for as realistic 
play as possible for the newer games.
But any and all advice will be deeply appreciated.
For those shipping me advice.
So that we don't tie up the list my address is at the bottom of this letter.
But you also might want to throw it out to the list to help others who might 
be asking the same question.
When you ship me info on a USB item.
Please give as much info as possible.
Where you got it, approxmently how much it was, a description of where and 
what all the features are and if and or where one could down load a manual 
for it to read up on the unit.
I realize that most stores will give you 30 days to examine the product.
But it helps to have that physical examination of the product from actual 
experience of a product both good and bad.
I thank all in advance.
Ron who would like to untie himself from the keyboard when he's flying or 
playing the games.
Have a good day,
>From the Kolesar brothers and our puppies

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