Hi, Ben.
Do you think Lucas Arts etc cares about that? i know of authors who
have written fan fiction stories that were totally free, but got their
butts dragged into court for copyright infringement anyway. So giving
something away for free without proper licensing doesn't exactly make
it legal or acceptable to the copyright holder.
I'm not sure where people get their ideas, but that seams to be a
common misconception between the people on this list and elsewhere.
They believe as long as they write this game, story, game mod, etc for
free and give it away that is perfectly legal and alright to do so.
Far too many people have found out that isn't the case.
I remember a case a few years back about some guy who created an
online Scrabble game, put it on the internet,  and it got to be a big
hit with sighted online gamers. Not suprisingly Hasbro, the current
copyright holder of the Scrabble game, found out about the website and
quickly sent their lawyers into shut it down asap. The main reason
they gave the guy so much grief over it was because Hasbro was afraid
the website might effect their sales of the Scrabble game they sold in
stores. It probably wasn't true, but Hasbro made a point to drag the
guy through the ringer over it. The case was evedently big enough to
make the national headlines on CNN. Moral of the story is if you get
caught the copyright holder can give you a lot of grief over a simple
game mod just because you didn't pay for and properly license those
sounds from Skywalker Sound or Lucas Arts.

On 10/3/10, Ben <gamehead...@aol.co.uk> wrote:
> But the mod will be freeware...

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