Hi all
I feel like sharing my impressions of night of parasite with you all and
then I have some entombed questions.
1.   IN night of parasite,  the documentation does not mention a pause
Say for instance I am in the middle of a fight and I want to go to the
bathroom, or I get a phone call etc?
Is there a pause feature?
2.  I could not find a feature in the documentation to lower the volume of
the music.
I prefer the music on, but it's a bit too loud for me.
3.  I could not find a "have I been here before" feature.
It would be nice if one could have a feature simular to shades of doom and
sarah where one can check if a place have been visited before. 
4.  Next, I experience a problem with the announcing of my health   [key A]
and coordinates [ key z]
Immediately after I have been injured, if I press A, jaws reads my health
and experience .
But if I press A again, I just hear a bleeping sound, jaws does not give me
my stats again.
Say for instance I am walking in a long corridor and I often forget what my
health stats are.
I experience many times that if I press A, jaws does not say my stats.
This also happens if I press z to check the coordinates.
Sometimes jaws does not announce my coordinates, I only hear a bleep.
Is this a jaws problem or is it a bug in the game?
I am using jfw10.
5.  I read on audiogames.net that this is a role playing game.
Is this game similar to entombed?
Or is there more content in entombed?
6.  Long ago  I played a very early beta of entombed and  in that beta, I
can't remember the version  number, fighting worked similar to the  last
crusade where the gamer press only a single key  and  then  a randomizer
determines whether the gamer or the enemy miss or manage a hit and how much
damage is done to gamer or enemy..
Is this the case with the latest version of entombed?
AS with night of parasite, I prefer walking to where the enemy is and fight;
rather than to fight an enemy like in last crusade.
The last crusade makes use of a passive method of fighting.
In night of parasite fighting is almost like in shades of doom. 
I haven't advanced far in night of parasite yet.
I am only in the first chapter now.
I need to get used to dodging enemy attacks and fighting.
This is more tricky than in shades of doom as there is no nightscope as  in
shades of doom.
But I enjoy night of parasite thus far.

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