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I totally agree that these messages must be off! I thought the person who recorded the warnings in beta 12 was a little more natural when she had to say: "Here comes trouble!" So just throw those warnings to hell! THANKS!! ----- Original Message ----- From: "Thomas Ward" <thomasward1...@gmail.com>
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Hi everyone,
I've got a question for all of you that will have some bearing on
Mysteries of the Ancients beta 15. It has to do with the
messages/comments Angela says when she enters rooms, encounters traps,
monsters, whatever.
At first when I created Mysteries of the Ancients I liked the idea of
having Angela Carter speaking short comments like "Here Comes Trouble"
and things like that. Now, after I've tested and played the game for
several months I find those same comments distracting and a bit down
right annoying. They are simply a bit old if you know what I'm saying.
It has come to the point where I'd like to turn them off or just get
rid of them from the game completely. Which is why I'm asking you for
your opinion on the matter.
First, the warning messages. I'm sure some of you are going to say
that we still need those in order to locate traps, monsters, whatever.
That's no longer the case in beta 15.
In beta 15 as per request I've added a queue before each trap to let
you know it is there. For chasms, lava, and fire pits you will hear
the sound of acrumbling ledge to know you are very close to that
particular trap.  For spike traps you will here the footsteps change
from stone to metal which will let you know you are very very close to
the spikes. Basically, there are now alternative means of gathering
the same exact information without depending on hearing Angela say
"watch out" or "careful now" to know a trap is coming up.
Second, is timing. For quite a while now several of you have reported
that the trap worning messages either come too soon or too late.
About the most extreme case of this is Nicol's recent report that said
the "careful now" message didn't even come until after Angela had got
burned in the fire pit.This is clearly a problem for anyone relying on
training mode to learn the game. It can't remain to work like that.
Problem is I've adjusted things, tested, and retested and always seam
to get different results. Sometimes the messages come too soon and
some times not soon enough. It is basically hopeless. Which is one
reason I decided to go ahead and add ledges and other such indicators
that a trap is near. It is really the only surefire way to to create a
consistant trap warning.
So with that in mind if there are now alternative trap warnings in
place and the comments like "careful now" aren't that reliable I'm in
favor of just removing them from the game. After all, if it can't be
fixed why leave it in the game at all.
Finally, there is the reason I mentioned above. After I have heard
Angela say "here comes trouble" for the thousandth time in the game I
tend to get bit sick of hearing it. I'd like to shut it off or
something. However, the way the feature was incorperated into the game
itself there is no way of turning it on/off without rewriting a good
deal of code. It would be quicker and easier just to delete the
hundred lines or so than it would be to write a hundred or more if
statements to find out if that feature is on or off before speaking
the comments.
So what do the rest of you think. If enough of you want the feature I
can keep it in the game, but if several of you are like me, a bit sick
and tired of them, let me know so I can edit them out of the game
before release.


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