I've recently started playing the online crime rpg torn city. The principle 
reason is I tend to be rather busy these days. I realized the reason i was 
enjoying blades of eternity was it's refresh wrate, sinse you have stats 
that increase every five minutes and are full in a couple of hours, so I 
could logue on every couple of hours, do some stuff in the game, then stop, 
get on with things and go on later.

This meant I could advance without having to spend more time than I have.

However, I also realized that blades of eternity was a mod of torn city, and 
sinse Torn city has been around for far longer and has far more to do, I 
thought I ought to try it.

Actually it's proving to be rather fun. The crimes which you do are 
amusingly described, ---- such as you shop lifting cd's then grinning at 
your accomplishment, only for the cd's to fall out of your top.

The pvp angle isn't actually so bad at all, sinse as in Blades of eternity, 
even if you are attacked and lose, there really aren't too bad consequences, 
sinse you just spend some time in hospital (which you can cut).

Torn city also has lots of fun in terms of exra things to do, such as motor 
racing, or joining a faction and actually committing joint crimes together 
such as kidnapping or robbing a train, ---- and there are pieceful factions 
(like the one I'm in), who aren't interested in war.

Donation wise, the game is one of the least expensive I've seen, and no 
content is actually restricted at all.

the only real difference is that where none donators get 100 energy 
refilling at a wrate of five every ten minutes, donators get 150 energy 
refilling at a wrate of five every ten minutes, so can do more training in 
the gym, searching the dump for items, attacking other players etc.

Crimes however are done with nerve, which refills at 1 unit every five 
minutes, so both are equal in doing crimes.

I'd actually recommend it, sinse there is a lot to do, and the pace of 
things as I said is really quite relaxed.

people can find a review on audiogames.net, but I'd appreciate it if people 
would use this link http://www.torn.com/rewards.php?offer=introduce sinse 
it's my donator code and I get stuff if you sign up with it.

I'm darkempathy on there if anyone wants to look me up.

All the best,

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