Lol, the one bone I've to pick with Tekken lately, and I'm not the only one it seems- I've seen alot of whining on youtube about this one, that ridiculously cheap/tough bosses we're given in 5 and 6. I haven't spent alot of time with 6 yet, so I have not found a way to beat the...insert swear word here...but I did play 5 alot, and that boss was just...well, if you don't know how to beat it, it kills you in two hits, but once you find one move to use on it and just keep repeating, it's so easy it's no fun. To me that's a big design flaw, a boss character should be hard, but hard in the way that'd make it a good fight instead of something like an instant kill. This is where I find Capcom games thus far are good with- most bosses are tough yet not 'cheap.' I say most cause I haven't been able to beat Shin Akuma in Marvel verses Capcom II- again, I've seen several guides/reviews that whine about that one too. The soul series bosses are good that way too, tough but with some serious play time and work, beatable. Of all the games I've played to date, my favorite boss is actually Geese from Fatal Fury Wild Ambition- I haven't beat him yet, but every time it's soooooooo close that even the sore loser in me gotta admit it was a good fight. Come to think of it, it's funny that they'd make Tekken 5 and 6 bosses this way- I remember I used to say that Tekken bosses were rather wimpy- especially tekken 3 and 4. Tekken 2 on the other hand, blocky graphics and so-so sounds aside, had a great balance...Kazuya was a beast lol.
Tekken 1 was too easy, but for its time I guess it was fine.

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