This litterally just came through from ian humphries and spoonbill software, so I thought I better pass it along.

Actually, I'm rather looking forward to this one myself.

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This is Ian Humphreys from Spoonbill Software. You are receiving this email because you have previously ordered a blind accessible game.

This is to announce the release of the seventeenth game in the Blind Gamers series, BG Brainiac.

BG Brainiac is Spoonbill Software's version of a game you may know as Concentration. It is blind accessible but graphics allow sighted players to also play along with blind players. Each player can choose to either use the keyboard or the mouse.

At the start of the game, all the tiles are face down on the table. Players take it in turn to turn up two tiles, trying to turn up two whose pictures match. If the pictures match, the two tiles are removed from the table and the player gets another turn. If they do not match, the tiles are turned face down again and the next player turns up two tiles. The player with the most matches when the table has been cleared is declared the winner.

If you can't find someone else to challenge you, you can always play a single player game, attempting to beat your previous highest score. The single player game uses an innovative scoring system which rewards multiple successive matches. So the better your memory, the higher your score will be.

It is a game of memory and concentration, so put on your thinking caps and exercise your brain with BG Brainiac!

As with all Spoonbill Software's Blind Gamers games, it is self-voicing, obviating the need to use your screen reader.

If you would like a copy, reply to this email requesting BG Brainiac and I'll send you the download link.

If you would prefer not to receive notification of new or upgraded games, just ask to be removed from my mailing list.

Ian Humphreys
Spoonbill Software
Albany, Western Australia

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