Kendo is actually quite blind friendly- I had some absic training in that 
when I learn swordfighting.
There were Chinese-made games for the PC that uses Mandarin, none of them 
particularly well known though, and I don't think any of them is fighting 
You ever finish the game with Raven in tekken 5? Lol when he saw what kind 
of monster he was supposed to fight his reaction was funny!
Here I guess is where the Tekken plot goes slightly wacky: fighting human is 
one thing, but when faced with something monsterous like Jintachi, guys like 
Lei and Raven who carry firearms should act accordingly and just use 
whatever they got rofl.
I mean, if it's alright for Yashimitsu to use a laser sword...why can't Lei 
use his gun? lol
I think that's what attracts me to the Toshinden series- quite a few 
fighters in there do use firearms rofl.

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