hey everyone.
yesterday i finaly was able to download this great demo and try it out
on pc. if you don't know, it's available on steam since oct 25.
the controls are responsive, the sound positioning / reverbs in all
levels are just perfect, it's good even if you choose the keyboard to
play it.
left control=light attack
left shift=heavy attack
left alt=guns
right control=pounce(i believe)
right shift=grapple
numbers: i believe it changes between weapons
enter key: grenades
i still need to find what key is used to block.
in the demo you can only play the first level and boss battle, and you
can only play in the normal difficulty setting.
i've tried several times to purchase it, but had no suckcess, the steam
site gave me a error when trying to purchase it using paypal.
i'm talking to lirin(aka tom) and he passed the 6th level with only
little sighted help, with the walkthrough he sent here it gives a good
description of the levels.
and the good thing is that there's checkpoints everywhere, so if you
die, you will probably return exactly where you died.
so it's just "try / fail / try / suckcess".
however i eard that hard difficulty doesn't allow these checkpoints, i'm
not sure if it's true.
i'm frequently posting messages on the blog of the developers: klei
entertainment and see if we(blind players) can caught theyr attention,
since the game is almost 100% playable for us.
jamie(the guy that writes all the posts) answered to my questions, and
he said that he don't know what to do to improve the experience of a
blind player in the game, so i said that a beep or a specific sound when
we are supposed to jump is enough to make it better, i asked if he could
do it in a next patch, but got no response yet.
lirin is also writing messages to take theyr attention, we don't know if
it's going to work, but it never hurts to try.
if you guys like the game, even if you haven't played it but are
interested in the genre, please go to the web site
click on the first post and there will be a option for you to leave a
comment with your name / email.
in a few days i think lirin will come up with an audio review of this
great title.
so, that's what i have to say for now.
thanks and best regards,

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