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The Digital room II is a new type of education which is developed in Sweden. It is the next generation of a project done in 2002 to 2006 where Pin Interactive teached game dev.

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Monday, 15 May 2006
Terraformers Walkthrough

NOTE: Do NOT continue to read this document unless you want to find an answer to how to solve certain parts of the game. Otherwise you will spoil the game.





The code to the underwater lab is 193


In the tutorial level, to open the door:

1. Get the sound key. You can locate it with the GPS or by it's 3D sound.

2. Open the backpack and select "Sound keys" with the space key, this opens a submenu with all sound keys in the backpack. Then select the sound key with the space key. This puts the sound key in your hand

3. Use the sound key by first walking close to the key hole, then press space. A clicking sound followed by a voice saying "sound key inserted" and the door is unlocked.


The easiest way to describe with text how to set the tonewheels is as follows:

1. Begin from left to right, or from right to left, it doesn't matter

2. Set the first wheel to the maximum pitch

3. Then set the second wheel also to the maximum pitch, and then lower the pitch 3 steps

4. Then set the third wheel also to the maximum pitch, and then lower the pitch 5 steps




Souther code lock on the western path: 5393

Other code lock: 619





When you enter the elevator, you will hear some metallic sound and then the sound of the elevator moving automatically.

When the elevator sound starts, just stand still (don't turn or move because then you may go back from where you came; the elevator has two doors, one to the north which is the exit to the north on the upper level and one to the south which leads back to where you came from on the lower level).

When the elevator sound stops then move forward and the northern door will open.

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