Yup I had to turn mine off cause I was having this problem. perhaps it's a ps3 issue? and yes, menu before difficulty is for harmonies. second option turns it on if clicked. which is interesting cause then you can switch between harmonies at will. you don't have to do all harmonies, as long as you get a rating on one of them you'll be scored so you can do real easy ones when it's convenient haha. this is also true for beatles and Green day rock band, except that in those games harmonies is the first option, which I think was a bit strange to be honest. also keep in mind there's a pitch guide you can use when practicing, and it works for all songs even old DLC. it really helps if you're doing solo and aren't sure which harmony you should be singing. it really isn't necessary for games containing harmonies, since now they're structured properly and you always sing lead vocals, but with rock band 2 songs especially you had to hit some really awkward phrases so if you're practicing rb2 songs it can be useful. This is another reason I believe Harmonix takes fans feedback very seriously. I emailed them a while back and let them know how useful the pitch guide was for blind people in green day Rock band and beatles, especially if we wanted to fc songs and were having problems with specific phrases. next thing we know we now have it in rb3, and it's backward compatible with old dlc. The fact that we can now hear guitar/bass in the background when we practice is also useful for blind people. This is why you guys should contact them. let them know blind people enjoy their games, even if the only thing you play is vocals. It doesn't matter, they need to know we're out there, and that we play this game. there's no excuse not to do so guys. These people respond to feedback personally, they have a contact address right on their site. not to mention many of the HMX staff has Twitter. You say you want video games to be accessible someday? well here's a company that I believe is willing to try. We need to act and not just sit back and let things happen cause they won't. if only a few people contact them, they aren't likely to do much, but if we all let them know we're out there, then perhaps RB4 will be all we were hoping for. in fact I can't wait for RB4 even though RB3 just came out haha! one of the things they're planning is to have music composition and improvisation features. Bet you guys didn't think they could take it much farther huh?

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Same way you usually do it? Because I haven't managed to yet. And I have a question... when you select a song, before the difficulty select, there's a screen with two options. Is this for solo or harmony?

At 04:26 PM 29/10/2010, you wrote:
I've had no problems setting off over drive when my meter is full.
Maybe pitch correction is off by default

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I'll be able to test this once I get the game. But this is what someone on
the gf boards said:

Activating Overdrive has changed in this game. It has to detect a
note at the bottom of the vocal lane where you see the orange-yellow
strip. Anything else
will not work.

This sounds like it could be a bit of a problem for us... and the
only way to remedy that is to turn off pitch correction.

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