This game is in the style of a side-scrolling shooter and beat em up.

Everyone knows of the mansion built in 1884 of what is now New York city. The crew who built the house built it over a cemetary which was demolished to accomidate the space needed by the residence of that area. The house hasn't been lived in for nearly 50 years... and rumors are abundant of hauntings being the main reason. Every halloween since its last mysterious occupants moved out, people have gone to that house to investigate... and have not returned. Finally, a group of detectives from the NYPD decided to venture into the mansion, and solve the mystery of who is behind these mysterious murders. Their head investigator, detective Jason sanada, is a japanese-american who has been in the field for almost 25 years. At the age of 50, he has followed in his culture's tradition of studying martial arts, and is profession in Kendo, karate and aikido. He is also proficient in the use of firearms... and it is his hot-blooded personality and sense of determination as well as a love for others and concern for their safety that has lead him to decide to go ahead with this investigation, as well as scouting out others to accompany him into the house of darkness...

You play as Akechi, and are placed in a mansion full of ancient horrors such as undead zombies, vampires, martial artists of old, and other unspeakable horrors and mutated creatures. Also, you must navigate your way past empty graves with spiked bottoms, be wary of rotten floors, and many other unknown dangers. You will go through eight action-packed levls of action with fists, feet, guns, knives and other such utilities. There will also be puzzle-solving elements... keys to drag, levers to pull, switches to push in order to open doors, discover secret rooms and reveal hidden staircases leading to alternate areas. You start off with a 9 mm pistol, a katana, and your bare-handed skills as a martial artists. Weapons will be available, as well as ammo for said weapons. There will also be multiplayer components... an online co-op mood for up to 4 people over the internet to go in as the team of detectives, or a deathmatch mode up to 10 players. The deathmatch mode will utilize special maps that are larger than the typical story maps with platforms and strategic locations used for shooting. This game will retail for 60 US dollars, if it ever becomes reality...

Happy halloween. Sorry for that, guys, but I thought it'd be fun and that was the best thing I could drag up at midnight and almost half-asleep. lol.

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