DreamtechInteractive is about to release its newest game, Phrase Madness.  I 
plan to release it just in time for the holidays, by the end of November.
In this phrase matching game, you match the beginnings of up to 26 phrases with 
their endings.  So far, there are over 320 phrases, giving you well over 10000 
possible phrase combos.  Currently,  users of Windows Mobile products, such as 
cellphones and Pac Mates,  can record their names, add new phrases, and, best 
of all, comment on funny phrase matches.  I'm working on getting the ability 
for PC's as well, but so far only wm products can record.
Here's an example, you're playing a game.  You press the letter capital A.  The 
beginning of the phrase, "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," is heard, 
minus the word neighborhood since that's the phrase's ending.  Then, you hit 
the little a and hear the ending of another phrase, the word "fire."
It's a beautiful day in the fire?
Well, that's worthy of a comment, so you push the record comments button and 
say something funny, and the next time you get that combo, you hear the comment 
you made earlier.
I have, so far, recorded about 700 comments, but there are so many combinations 
that you're likely to only hear one or two per game.  The number of combos 
gives Phrase Madness a virtually infinite playability value--I've been playing 
for over a year and still have not heard all the funny combinations.  The other 
day, I found 
"mothers against drunk...pigs," and 
"mothers against drunk...monkeys."
 My children love this game very much, and since it is played by children as 
well as adults I will be asking that players behave themselves in the making of 
comments, but the game will not be censored.
I say this because, with the help of Louis Bryant of 
 I'm going to implement server connectivity, so that all comments recorded by 
each player are uploaded to the server, then downloaded by every player, so 
that you'll be able to hear comments on funny combos from people all over the 
world.  That feature is still in development however, and is the main reason I 
have yet to release the game.
The wm version will sell for $15, and the desktop will sell for $10 unless I 
can find out how to get Basic4PPC to record using regular Windows computers.

I am also working hard to get Space Attack up and running, but it's been harder 
to get through all the bugs.  I would like to release it by November's end as 
well, but I can make no promises.
As for my bubble breaker game, which is no longer a clone of anything, the game 
itself is fully playable, but I'm waiting to release it until I find someone to 
do better graphics for it.

Ken Downey
Blind Comfort!
The pleasant way to experience massage!
It's the Caring
without the Staring!
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