Hi Niophyte.

The first thing to note is that winfrotz tts is only a partially completed version of the software, ---- it's also only based on an earlier version of win frotz 4.5 I believe, so some features which were planned never seemed to make it into the final release annoyingly.

as to your questions:

1: Yes, some of the features such as cutting of speech can be helpful, however others are less so. I myself find winfrotz tts useful for instantanious reading of text which is printed to the screen rather than me having to physically move Hal's focus around to read the latest entry, ---- though quite often i keep Hal running at the same time as win frotz tts so that I can perform more minute reading tasks, eg finding the name of a given object.

2: not as much with a screen reader, though you do have to read manually. In tts however, can significantly improve the situation by removing extranious clutter from the screen,for instance turning the header flag off and also turning off fast scrolling sinse this seems to interfere with the speech. It's also a good idea to try and get as much on a single screen as possible to avoid shenanigans with scrolling the screen downwards.

3: oncemore, this is not possible in win frotz tts. Screen readers however do have settings to not read punctuation marks (though these are more difficult to set in some programs than in others). For instance, I have Hal currently set to read me punctuation when I am typing or using read line or other area commands, but to ignore punctuation when I am on continuous document read or navigating other areas of the screen. This cuts down on clutter a fair amount. Oh, even if hal does read punctuation, it also has the ability to say "underline 27 times" which is significantly helpful as well.

4: Well, if reading the screan manually with a screen reader it really doesn't matter about the greater than prompt particularly, ---- in fact I've personally got used to typing whenever I get to greater than and would find some sort of hard coded message rather odd. In win frotz tts, usually the best you can do is turn off the status line display.

I have heard of other interpreters with built in self voicing actually, but the only one I've significantly tried is win frotz tts really. Then again, I was playing if games quite a while before i discovered accessible audio games and the like, and that was on a laptop running windows 95 which had no speech capacity and thus I had to use my screen reader.

On that I played a lot of the classics, pluss a lot of stuff by people like Andrew plotkin and emily short.

Beware the Grue!


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