hey philip and all.
i agree here.
after playing the new side scroler beat'em up: shank, a mainstream game
for the pc / x360 / ps3, i have some suggestions that could be added to
q9: yeah, this big attack that takes some of your hitpoints appeared in
most beat'em ups would help on insane. also a dodge or block feature
would be good, so you could block some attacks, you could have the
enemyes have a sequence of attacks, some of then light, some heavy. the
heavy ones would hit you even when you're dodging, so you would have to
time it right. it would be more a question of skill than luck, at least
on harder difficulties.
and yeah, adding the chance to get more strength, rocks and etc is good
too, this way we will survive when playing insane.
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version 1.2.

Hi Phillip.

Now, I have a question. It seems to me that if you want to balance
the game, and if the problem with enemies is that there are too many
of them, could you, say, add an attack for the player that his
everything on screen and knocks them back to give a bit of breathing
room, but costs say a little bit of health? That's what beat em ups
used to do, and it works well, IMO. A big attack, but you need to
sacrifice some life for it... but that also means health pickups
might need to come up more frequently on harder difficulties.

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