Hi Bryan,

That’s a pretty aped point. Over the passed six years or so since I
started writing accessible games I’ve learned one very important
thing. Simply put, it is impossible to please everybody. We all have
different skills, different ideas what is the ideal game, whatever and
trying to implement all of them is a fool’s task. It can’t be done.

However, part of the problem here is that we’ve become something of an
entitlement society. We think it is our right to have this or that
handed to us, or that a developer should do this or that because it is
suppose to be for the good of everybody. If a game is too hard then
the developer should make it easier so the less skilled can play it
too. If someone can’t figure out a trap or puzzle then the traps and
puzzles should be made easier to guess etc. On the other hand, you
have those who say that is too easy and the game should be harder,
more difficult traps/puzzles, and so on. Who is right and who is wrong

As the developer the decision what to do about it is sully on me. Part
of the solution is by tuning out the special interest groups and
making decisions on what I personally feel is right. I haven’t done
enough of that, and I’m beginning to see the only way this project
will ever get done and be done in a timely fashion is to do it my way.
Special interest groups can take a hike.


On 11/9/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> I hate to be rude but some people need to just stuff it. It's hardly as
> though Thomas has been putting a gun to the entire community's head and
> forcing them to play his game. I haven't tried MOTA on the higher
> difficulties but the beginner level is just about right as far as I'm
> concerned, easy but at the same time not TOO easy. I'll worry about the
> higher levels after I beat the game a few times on Beginner.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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