Hi all,

As this is increasingly becoming an issue on list I thought I would
step in on the discussion as a moderator as well as a fellow list
member. I think I need to spell out or clarify the point of this list.

First, as the list description clearly states we are hear to discuss
games that are accessible through accident or design. We provide help,
hints, and offer open discussion on same. That does not mean, however,
that we are to be a replacement for the game's documentation, the
game's developer, or a replacement for the developer's technical
support services. Although, list members may help with any or all of
these issues we expect a little self-initiative from the person asking
the question.

For example, if you are going to ask a question like, "how do I
register game x," you should at least consult the game's user
documentation or check the developer's website for that information
before asking the question on list. Asking such a question that has
already been answered elsewhere is both a waist of our time and
probably yours as well. Instead of waiting several minutes or maybe
hours for someone to respond you could probably have had the answer
sooner just by using a little self-initiative and looked up that
information in the game's documentation or on the developer's website.
Why should the list be expected to answer those kinds of questions
when you already have that information at hand and available

Another thing that gets some people annoyed is when a game is talked
about on list for days, and then someone asks, "where do I get the
game from?" Ummm...Seriously have you been paying attention?

 If you haven't the Audyssey  list is archived, there is Google, etc.
Plenty of resources to get the same information without asking the
question and having people repeat a download address multiple times in
one week just because someone can't or won't look it up in the
internet resources available to him/her. I have to ask, "can you do
anything for yourself, or do you have to be spoon fed everything?"

To be blunt about it by not taking a little personal initiative, not
trying to look up the answers yourself first, is just going to make
some users of the list upset at you. Many of them, including myself,
will see you as lazy and will not want to read or respond to your
posts. Personally speaking, I feel there is no excuse for not reading
a manual in full before coming on a list like this asking questions
like "what command does this or that" or "how do I register the game"
when the answer is right there in the manual. I am not only less
likely to respond to that kind of question, but I often add that
person to a mail filter to automatically be deleted from my inbox by
default. Keep that in mind before you ask several questions like that
as I'm sure I'm not alone in filtering my mail.

Bottom line, I'm willing to help anyone with an honest question if I'm
certain the person has tried to find an answer and couldn't find it.
For example, finding a secret item in a game isn't likely to be in the
manual, and if they really can't find it I'll give them a spoiler to
help them locate it. If the person has a technical problem with a game
that is not covered by the manual by all means I will help in anyway I
can. However, I'm not going to spend my time answering several
questions that I know can be easily answered by reading the
documentation. I can usually tell who has or has not read the manual
for game x.So if I choose to respond to a person asking a question I
feel has not tried to look up the information elsewhere I refer them
to the manual where they should have started to begin with. I know
some members get a bit upset when that happens, but seriously read the
manual first. If you don't know where to download a game use something
like Google.  After all, that's what it is there for so use it. It
saves everyone unnecessary time spent doing your own research for you.


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