Hi guys,
Subject says it all. Now, this task requires prodigious skill. Here is what you 
have to do. Now at first, wait until your something like at 430 knots. Then 
lower your nose to 45. I mean minus 45 which is 145. Then, wait until your 
speed drops. Then, let it say, your to luce! But do not land on the stall 
alarm! And then, the real moment! Wait until your about at 10000 feet. Now, you 
have to be extremely careful between this procedure. Always at all  time, make 
sure the beacon is about at 4 or 3 miles. Doesn't matter if you go off the 
target, just make sure that the landing beacon is with in range! Then, after 
that, when your about at 1000 feet, brake the landing gear and this bit is 
extremely important if you want to land successfully. Raze your nose angle 
grater than 150. Grater than means higher, or in maths, more. 156 will do. This 
gives you time in order to land slowly. Don't worry about anything else now. 
Then, when it is time, boom! We have dun it! I'm not sure if I mentioned this, 
sorry if I mentioned it again, but control your speed. We don't want to go to 
low. At first, 260 or 190 is fign. Don't go upwards a lot. 
Hope this helps.

Tips for taking off:
Now, this is more easier than landing. frottel your aircraft upwards. This is 
normally what a pilot does. They first make the plain go extremely fast. Then, 
when the afterburners kick in, press the page up key and the up arrow key. In 
fact forget that key, I don't see why you'd need it unless if you want to go 
faster at the same time. Then, when its beeped 6 times, level your nose by 
pressing the home key, then lock onto your dueller, or on racing mode, its 
slightly different. On racing mode, level your aircraft until the beep beep 
alarm stops. Then, for death crony's, press the go key to put the gear into its 
place. Then, you could lock on, or you could level first, then lock on, then do 
the gear! Ignore the captain at that moment! He is trying to trick you! Just 
kidding. Anyways, for the racing mode, who don't like killing, who only like 
racing, not violent stuff, before you level, put your landing gear into place. 
Hope this helped the people that had problems landing and taking off. Of course 
you could take other people's tips, but I urge you to try this out. Also, I 
will post some more and faster tips on landing. 
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