Yeah, same hear. I find I'm able to play the game better with loud
rock music playing in the background even though at the same time it
is confusing. I think part of it requires blocking out the lyrics
wwhile getting into the wrythm and tempo of the music. It energizes
me, and yet if I listen to it directly I would screw up.

Interesting enough though I have been experimenting with a sort of
special theme mp3 playlist for the game. It was sort of cool playing
MOTA with Michael Jackson's Thriller in the background because it sort
of fit in with the mood of monsters chasing you and trying to kill
you.  The wolf howels etc really added a new dimmention to the
ambiance of the game. Wicked is what it was. Lol!

On 11/18/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Lol tom!
> Actually i have done the same. If I need to learn some music, I frequently
> set it playing in the backgrtound of a puzle or fast action game, in fact in
> my audio review of bg hearts, you can here midis of The sorcerer in the
> background which i was doing a production of at the time so needed to be
> familiar with.
> I've also occasionally used music for less interesting bits of a game, ----
> for instance the long runs of trading in smugglers 3 are much more dramatic
> with the music from Starwars pumping away in the background ;D.
> One of my stranger habbits has been playing puzle or fast action games while
> listening to books on tape, indeed I first read a good bit of the wheel of
> time series while trying to play puzle bobble!
> the weerd thing is, occasionally my game skills actually improve! I remember
> having a horrible time with the 1st level of the first castle in Mega man
> 4, ---- until! I started listening to Lord of the rings!
> I'm not sure if this is because one of Mega man's weapons in the game is the
> ring boomerang, ---- one ring boomerang to rule them all? ---- but either
> way, I stormed through the rest of the game fairly quickly once I had frodo
> and gandalf on my side ;d.
> I've not really found many audio games I'd want to do this with though, just
> for the problem of listening to two voices at once through your ears.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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