Actually reminds me of an old amigar public domain game called war, which was pretty awsome.

Basically it was a turn based space stratogy game where you conquered planets, developed your spaceships, managed your resources etc. However, the fun bit was that all battles were real time shooter type space battles where either you or the computer controlled your ships.

The more developement you'd put into your ship building, the faster they flew and the more powerful their shots were.

The reason though this made me think of screen readers was that the game used the Amigar work bench synth voice to do announcements. Baring in mind this was the early 90s, the voice was pretty dire, but that was half of the fun, especially sinse the programmers obviously had a sense of humour.

Hereing an ultra robotic synth say things like "The vaygan fleet has been destroyed, ---- ha ha ha "

or "the vaygan fleet has been destroyed, ---- I am so sad I think I wil commit suicide"

or "I think your joystick is made of con creeeete"

Was half of the fun of the game, ;D.

Btw, war would make a pretty cool audio game actually, not the least because you could have an equally bad synth announcement ;D.

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