From: Munawar 
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2010 4:27 PM
Subject: [BPC Discussion] Three-D Velocity Update

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An update has been released for Three-D Velocity. Most notably, for those of 
you who were having issues running NVDA and Three-D Velocity together, you will 
find the experience to be more NVDA-friendly. There is no need to unload the 
screen reader now before you start the game. Please see NVDA issue #1204.

Next, there was a small problem with the music. This has also been corrected.

The registration issue where the registration program would report a path not 
found error has been corrected.

The startup scene at the beginning of a game can now be ksipped. Previously, 
you could only skip the scene in Mission Mode.

Key map data can now be deleted from within the key map menu.

There is also a fix for the refuel tanker count. There was a problem where even 
if you restart the Story Mode and play a new game, the count would not reset.

You can find a complete list of fixes and improvements, as well as download the 
update, at the following link: This update installs over the full 
setup, so you do not need to uninstall the game before installing the patch. 
The update is about four megabytes in size.
Munawar A. Bijani
Manager, Developer
BPCPrograms, LLC
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