Hey, guys, I'm sorry about the confussion. If anyone has any idea how to fix 
this, please let me know cause it seems to be happening with lots of my emails, 
not just on this list thing. I kept getting emails back saying postmaster 
delivery status can not send to..."some address I've never even heard of". 
Then, there are emails that look like I've sent them with no subject in them 
and I never sent those, so I don't know if someone got's my email address and 
is playing games or what, but I've been trying to find out what's happening. 
Just started recently and I've been just deleting them without oppening them. 
Then, some of my friends are getting stuff like this too! Hey, really sorry and 
I didn't mean to mess up thing for  everyone here and I'm still trying to find 
out what the problem is, but if there's any ideas on how I can fix it, please, 
let me know! As for responding to posts for this list, I just hit the link at 
the bottom of the emails that says to send to this list and it brings up an 
open email window to write my message in, nothing else wrong there I can find.
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