Hi Phil,

As of the moment no. I've never fixed the problem with the alt key. I
just moved the jump keys to control for the time being until I can fix
the issue. I know what the problem is, but it will likely require
using a different window manager as the default Win32 API window class
creates a context menu by default which happens to be asigned to the
alt key of course. This conflicts with games as the alt key tends to
bring up that context menu when you least expect it. The solution here
is to use a window manager specifically for rendering windows for
games like Direct3D, OpenGL, SDL, whatever as they don't have a menu
bar across the top of the screen for the alt key to interact with. So
in short the problem is fixable, but just one more issue to take care

However, at this point I'm trying to decide on the default window
manager to use. In beta 14 I went with SFML, and we all know how that
worked out in the end. It has known problems with Windows vidio
drivers making it ineffective for cross-platform game development.
        For that reason I'm strongly looking
                              into the other leading cross-platform
game API, SDL,                                         as it has a lot
more developer/user support than SFML.
      Plus as SDL is incorperated into a lot of other cross-platform
technologies such as PyGame, SDL .NET,
                                           JSDL, etc it has a proven
track record with stable game development on Windows, Mac, and Linux
in several different programming languages. Although, I'm not without
my misgivings as SDL still lacks some features I could get with
DirectX, but I think it may be the happy balance I'm looking for in
terms of the G3D engine, and long term cross-platform support.

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is I'm really undecided what window
manager I want to use. If I only wanted to target Windows I'd use
Direct3D hands down. However, as I'm doing the majority of development
on a Linux system and fully intend to build versions of my games for
Mac, Linux, and Windows I'm going to have too look more seriously at
SDL for the job of a cross-platform window manager. Once I decide on
something like that I can deal with the issue of the alt key as I'll
know what I'm doing under the hood so to speak.


On 12/10/10, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I thought you had the alt key problem resolved with the alt key used for
> jumping but that was in the last version of MOTA.
> I prefer the mouse for light saber swings as that sounds like the most
> realistic.
> Phil

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