Hi Muhammed,

What's wrong with a mouse? You seam rather viament against the idea of
using a mouse for game play.  However, as several game developers have
shown the the mouse is a rather nice gaming device, and is very
accessible in games too. You guys are going to have to face it if you
want games on par with the mainstream PC games you are going to have
to get use to a mouse sometime.

No offense, this isn't directed at you personally, but I've seen far
to many VI users throw an unbelievable fit over an input device like a
mouse. Some act as though it will kill them to actually buy or own one
for a change. Besides I thought one shipped with every computer, but I
guess some people throw them away or give them away believing them not
to be important, and the minute a game developer says one is required
they begin wining. They start in with the "I'm blind and can't use a
mouse" crap. This has no bearing on weather you can or can not use a
mouse in games do to blindness because the programmer programs how the
input device reacts so therefore it is or can be just as accessible as
a keyboard.

Anyway, to get to my pointthe the keyboard is extremely limited in
what it can and can not do. This game is a classic case in point.
There is no way to move a light saber around the screen quickly and
more naturally than with a mouse or joystick. With a mouse you can
swing the saber left, right, up, or down spin it in a circle, or
invent some other complex fighting moves just by pretending the mouse
under your fingers is a light saber. It allows for complex moves you
simply can not immitate using keys like alt+left, alt+right, alt+up,
alt+down, etc. This is a fact the mainstream PC gaming market have
known for years, and some accessible game developers are just now
beginning to figure out that a mouse is and can be essential for
complex game play. Why  fight what is obviously an improvement?


On 12/11/10, Shiny protector <muhamme...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Mouse, no! I think a keyboard would be fine. Lets say, keyboard and mouse.

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