Hi Greg,

Yes and no. If a person is on a desktop with a full sized keyboard
that's no big problem. However, if a person happens to be using a
laptop with no built in keypad, like me, then it wouldn't work
obviously. I'd have to plug in an extra keypad which is about $20 from
Wal-mart, Staples, Best Buy, etc which still wouldn't give me the
range of movement and complexity of a mouse. If I'm going to pay that
money for a numeric keypad for playing a game why not pay for a really
good external optical mouse that is much more flexable?

As I briefly mentioned to Muhammed a moment ago its much more than
just moving left, right, up, and down we are talking about here. A
device like a mouse can allow you to perform more complex fighting
moves like spinning a saber in a circle, then quickly reversing that
circle, doing a diagnle slash, and other things like that. You simply
can not, will not, and  never will be able to get that kind of complex
fighting style out of a keyboard. Keyboards are limited in lots of
ways, and why most serious gamers prefer alternative devices like mice
and joysticks because you can do more with them. Let's take a joystick
for example.

I happen to have a Philips 2909 game pad sitting here. What's nice
about this device is it has a POV hat that allows you to look left,
right, up, down etc. It also has two thumb sticks which allows you a
wide range of movements. In this case I could program the left thumb
stick to turn, walk foward/backward, and use the right thumb stick to
move the saber around at the same time. Since a thumb stick can be in
any position in a 360 degree angle you can ttheoretically control
the/position of the light saber in relation to your body. If you want
the blade to be high-left move the thumb stick to -45 degrees. Want it
to high-right move it to 45 degrees. You can't do that on a keyboard
without asigning extra keys to do essentially what a joystick/mouse
already naturally can do by default.


On 12/11/10, Greg Steel <greegste...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hi Tom I thought of a cool idea for swinging the saber around.  using the
> numpad keys 2 and 8 for up and down and 4 and 6 for left and right.  Would
> this work?

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