HI Cara,

Why did you change z to y? As I under stand it x runs east/west, z
runs north/south, and y is up/down. This is how DirectX operates and
principle why I wwrote my engine the way I did. If I am going to pass
a vector to DirectX's buffer3d object I have to provide the
coordinates as x east/west, y up/down, and z as north/south. Any other
way would absolutely hose the engine big time. Yeah, I could change to
have say z as up/down and y as north/south, but were talking one
massive rewrite to do it. As MOTA is nearly done practically rewriting
the engine and game right now would be suicide.

I tried out the code changes you suggested and it made a huge mess of
things. The G3D engine no longer works properly at all. The
GetDirection() function no longer returns the proper angle  to the
object/target. Instead of returning 0 degrees, do north,it returns
some other value. I'm sorry to say this, I know you are trying to
help, but applying those changes has massively messed up the operation
of the engine. Everything, and I do mean everything, is broken.
Nothing works right, and in order to resolve the problem I'm going to
have to rewrite several hundred lines of code in the engine and in
games like MOTA to implement these suggestions. So the big question is
how necessary are these changes in reality? Is it worth it, my time
and energy, spending six weeks or so rewriting the engine from the
ground up to make these changes making 0 do east, or whatever your
code does, and switching z and y around? Is there any real  compelling
reason to do it your way over the methodology I'm already using
besides the fact my code apparently is non-standard?


On 12/11/10, Cara Quinn <caraqu...@draconisentertainment.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas;
> I'll comment and adapt your code below.
> These methods should all return normal vectors anyway, so you shouldn't need
> to normalize. I just did a few tweaks as that's all they seem to need.
> changed z to y for consistency. Let me know how it goes, K?…
> Smiles,
> Cara :)

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