My whole-hearted agreement, once again. I consider myself more a controller type, though that may be due to the fact that I play almost exclusively fighting games... but it's not that I'm unwilling to give things like the wii mote, playstation eye, etc... isn't because I don't like the idea. But for a fighting game like street fighter, marvel vs. capcom, often times moves have to be done with such precision that at this point there is no way that motion controllers can be that precise and accurate with timing that is often just a few frames apart, in games that run mostly at a smooth 60 at least frames per second. I think, like the touch-screen, it's people saying that they want to stick with what they know. While I'm not a big fan of touch-screens, I'll use them if I have to, and I'm not opposed to the idea. But I do agree... it's amazingly ironic that people want the games we see on modern consoles, yet the moment devs try to implement a feature of console gaming into an accessible game the indignity is so great it's almost funny.

And to all those who wonder why I spend the majority of my time with fighting games... it isn't because I don't like other genres of fighting. Rock band, some sports games, and various others form a big part of my collection, I just think that fighting games are somewhat underrated these days... a lot of people pick it up and don't realize just how much depth there is in a good solid fighting game like Street Fighter 4 or Tekken 6. But that's for another topic. And I also agree with what Tom said... if you want to play a game that bad, chances are you'll make adjustments for it. Rock band is a fine example. The room needed for equipment, especially the drums, can be a hastle, but I love the game to bits... and move things aside for my RB drums all the time. lol.

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