I posted the following on the audiogames.net forum. While not the ultimatum 
talked about, I do hope it'll get a result, sinse I'm sick of this 


After a recent discussion of your work on the audeasy list, I felt it was 
extremely important to bring certain urgent issues to your attention.

Both of Your games have been very much appreciated in the past, and during 
the immediate time after release. however, increasingly, the opinion among 
members of the community is that bavisoft's behaviour and practices have 
been less and less reputable, and indeed it has now come to the point when a 
newcomer to audiogames is advised to steer clear of attempting to perchice 
your games.

there are several reasons for this. firstly, is the business of people not 
receiving orders. There has been a long history of people not recieving 
their games on cd, or indeed having to wait periods of time upwards of 6 
weeks to get them, (doubly bad in todays' world of high speed net 

What makes this situation far worse, is the lack of any sort of contact 
method for bavisoft. For at least the last three to four years, the E-mail 
address sa...@bavisoft.com has consistantly bounced e-mails, thus leaving 
customers who wish to know the status of their orders with no way of 
contacting the company at all, (I in fact originally attempted to send this 
enquiry via E-mail myself, but my message produced a "this address has a 
fatal error" warning).

then, there is Bavisoft's lack of even acnolidging the release of windows 
versions later than xp. With the release of windows Vista in 2007, and 
windows 7 a year later, people are experiencing extreme compatibility issues 
with games written for earlier versions of windows. This situation is only 
made the worse by the fact that all other developers of audio games, ----  
even those such as bsc games and Vip gameszone who are no longer actually 
producing titles (though they stil support their old games), have made the 
upgrades to their programs necessary to run on later windows versions.

this brings me to Bavisoft's final, and most serious problem. The company 
has released no news, no word, not even a season's greetings for the past 
six years.

Indeed, the only times Bavisoft has responded to any enquiry is when people 
have suggested your games should be made abandonware sinse you seem no 
longer to support them. This happens roughly once a year, in august of 2008, 
then in June of 2009.

As players of audio games, we are all familiar with the amount of time it 
takes to develope titles. There has been a gap of two years betwene Gma 
games last three releases, and Usa games' title Mysteries of the ancients 
has been in developement for the past five years, while Draconis haven't 
released a game sinse 2006.

We are also well aware that life, desasters or unforseen circumstances can 
very much get in the way of developement, as in fact it has in the case of 
usa games.

however, in the cases of most audio game developers, there is at least some 
news, or at the least an occasional happy Christmas or halloween, to let 
people know that the company is stil selling and supporting their games and 
may, ---- time permitting be able to produce a new title in future.

In the case of bavisoft however, there is none of this. the company website 
has not been updated sinse 2004, and Bavisoft have said nothing to their 
players at all beyond "please don't pirate our games" and that only once a 

While I (both personally and in my capacity as moderator of audiogames.net), 
in no way condone game piracy, I do rather understand the feeling which some 
players have that if they cannot obtain Bavisoft's games by any other 
method, ---- owing to unprocessed orders, and no company support via E-mail 
or similar, the games should be made abandonware so that people may play 

it is for this reason that i AM WRITING THIS APPEAL.

It has been six years sinse the community at large has heard from bavisoft 
officially, people have not been able to obtain the games on cd nor to 
contact the company.

so, please! give us some word, even if just "happy christmas" to let us know 
the company is stil running.

It has also been suggested that Bavisoft strongly considder the following 

1: While in 2000 and even 2004, 160 mb for a game was a large size, given 
modern connection speed this is no longer the case (sarah from pcs games is 
120 mb already). Therefore, Bavisoft's games should be made perchiceable by 
download instead of cd. This would stop dead all problems associated with 
unfulfilled orders.

2: Bavisoft should obtain a working E-mail address and address any technical 
support or sales related questions. While gameplay questions are able to be 
handled on audiogames.net or similar forums or mailing lists, it is 
essential to build trust and maintain a good relationship with their 
customers that bavisoft make themselves contactable, as indeed all other 
audio game companies are.

3: Bavisoft should look into upgrading their games to run on windows vista 
and 7, so that more people may enjoy them for years to come.

4: Bavisoft should produce at least some sort of news or communication, 
whether a season's greetings, news on developement of future games (if any), 
news of why future games aren't developed (people are far more understanding 
if they know the reason why), or heck, just your opinion about upcoming 
releases at the cinema. At least something to show that Bavisoft is stil a 
legitimate and trust worthy company from whome people would wish to buy 

I very much hope you will considder what has been said here, sinse the 
current state of affairs is doing neither bavisoft nor the members of the 
audiogames playing community any good, and while I cannot agree with those 
who wish to place copies of Bavisoft's games for download on the internet 
for free, it is difficult currently to think of too many good reasons why 
they should not, given that for all intents and purposes Bavisoft currently 
seems a dead enterprise.

Can I please also ask our members nnot to respond to this topic, and leave 
it free for bavisoft to give their direct answer, though you are welcome to 
start a new topic and discuss the matter there.
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